Steps to a Greener Holiday.

Visit places that are close to where you are staying. There are plenty of places throughout the country and many only a walk away.

Use local rail and bus services and check out local cycle hire facilities. There are frequent rail and bus services in many parts of Nottinhamshire and Linconshire with cycle hire places being widespread, so leave the car at home.

Donít waste water or energy Ė just use what you need, and youíll help combat climate change.

Try to minimise waste by recycling bottles, cans and paper, and refusing unnecessary bags etc, and please do not drop litter.

Try to use local businesses rather than just multi-national chains, so that the money you spend re-circulates in the local economy.

Look out for local produce in terms of food and drink and also buy gifts made in the area if possible. Nottinghamshire is particularly well off for local produce and local farmers markets are held in many towns. This all helps provide jobs for the local people, as well as minimising the distance food or drinks are transported.